Agave azurea - 3 inch pot
Agave azurea in Baja California

Agave azurea


Agave azurea is a recently described species from Baja California. Plants have beautiful powdery, glaucous-blue leaves

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Agave azurea is a recently described species from the desert of central part of the Baja California peninsula. This is a medium sized species that will grow to 2-3 feet tall and 3-4 feet across from leaf tip to leaf tip. The powdery glaucous-blue leaves are rigid and stiff, with moderately large teeth along the margins and a stout terminal spine. Agave azurea plants have not been tested for cold hardiness, but should be able to take winter lows in the mid-20’s without damage.  Plants have a moderate growth rate and should be able to tolerate full sun throughout most of the desert southwestern U.S.


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