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Browse latest publications and over 50 species for sale in Starr Nursery’s online catalog. Whether you are an experienced grower looking to fill some way cool decorative pots with unusual agaves or cacti, an amateur enthusiast looking to pick up a few plants or expand your knowledge of low water use plants, or add to your backyard landscape with some of the coolest xerophytic plants out there, we are sure to have your needs covered.


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Awesome Agave Blog

Get the latest news and photos from the world of agaves and cool North American cacti through Starr Nursery’s Awesome Agave blog. We will post photos and observations from our various field expeditions throughout the desert southwest and Mexico.


Agave cremnophila

Agave cremnophila is recently described from Oaxaca and brings to 10 the number of species in the group Striatae, up from the original 3 in Gentry’s book, Agaves of Continental North America. Here is…

Agave kavandivi

In 1982, Howard Scott Gentry treated three species in the group Striatae, Agave dasylirioides, Agave striata,  and Agave stricta. Previously I have written a bit about Agave striata, Agave stricta,…

Solitary (or nearly so) Agave species

A while back I was asked if I had a list of agave species that are solitary or nearly so. I have called on my friends at to help develop such a list which is presented here. The main cr…