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Plants are shipped bareroot (without soil).


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Awesome Agave Blog

Get the latest news and photos from the world of agaves and cool North American cacti through Starr Nursery’s Awesome Agave blog. We will post photos and observations from our various field expeditions throughout the desert southwest and Mexico.


Agave megalodonta and Agave quiotepecensis

These two species, both from Oaxaca, were described by Abisai Garcia-Mendoza in 2019. For more detailed information see my article in the

These two species, both from Oaxaca, were described by Ab…

Cool Plants for Hot Gardens is Back!

When the original version of Cool Plants for Hot Gardens sold out the publisher decided not to run any reprints. They returned the original files and it took me a while to decide what to do with them…

Agave oteroi – a new species from Puebla/Oaxaca

After 35 years, the plants known as Agave FO-076 have finally received a proper name, Agave oteroi, named for Felipe Otero, who originally collected seed of this plant with the wicked teeth from the…