Cool Plants for Hot Gardens


An encyclopedia of garden plants suited to Southwestern gardens and landscapes. During the course of cleaning the office, I found two brand new copies and am able to put these up for sale. These are in mint condition.

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In Cool Plants for Hot Gardens: 200 Water-Smart Choices for the Southwest, the award-winning horticulturalist, nursery owner, and master gardener, Greg Starr provides an indispensable reference for arid climates. He offers extensive information on 200 low-water-use plants, including clear descriptions of each plant and its ornamental features, maintenance, and climate requirements, along with landscape applications, precautions, and tips for plant identification. He opens each entry with a handy “at a glance” summary that provides all relevant information in a concise and consistent manner. This is an essential tool for gardeners, professional and amateur landscapers, and anyone interested in conserving precious desert water without sacrificing attractive, healthy plants.

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