Agave applanata


Don’t be fooled by the adorable juvenile form of Agave applanata, plants will eventually morph into large to extra large size as an adult, eventually reaching about 2.5-4 feet tall and up to 3.5-6 feet across, forming a beautifully symmetrical rosette of sword shaped, light whitish blue-gray leaves.

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It may take a while for Agave applanata to go from the juvenile form to the adult form, but once large, the stiff leaves and symmetrical form will provide visual beauty, drawing the eye to its stately form in the landscape. Plants can be placed in full sun in the most xeric part of a desert landscape or used as a focal point in a wildflower garden, while the soft gray-green color is perfect for mixing with rich green leaved perennials and small shrubs with colorful flowers. Plants form majestic specimens composed of stout, lethal, sword-shaped leaves that will skewer even the most experienced desert rat if he or she gets careless.

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