Agave aurea ssp. promontorii


Agave aurea ssp. promontorii is a large plant growing to 6 feet tall and up to 8 feet across in frost free areas. Protect the plants when winter temperatures dip to the mid-20’s F. has the original description by William Trelease as well as the text of Howard Scott Gentry in the Agaves of Continental North America

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Agave aurea ssp. promontorii (formerly known as Agave promontorii) will have its rank changed from species to subspecies status in the upcoming revision of the Agaves of Baja California. This subspecies will grow to be quite large, reaching 3-6 feet tall and 6-8 feet across. They have gracefully arching, medium green leaves with small teeth along the edges. Plants are slightly frost sensitive, and should be given protection when winter lows dip down to the mid-20’s F.


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