Agave bovicornuta


(Cow’s Horns Agave)  Solitary species, rich green leaves, very decorative, reddish to reddish brown teeth along the edge.  Native to pine-oak zone in Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico. Seed grown plants.


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Agave bovicornuta looks great when planted under a small tree in a highly visible spot to best appreciate the intricate patterns created by the ornamental teeth. Mix this agave with green, lush-looking plants under a ferny-leaved desert shade tree such as Acacia berlandieri or Lysiloma watsonii var. thornberi to create a subtropical effect. Some plants that are quite compatible include Cycas revoluta, Dalea capitata, Dioon edule, Justicia spicigera, Poliomintha maderensis,and Salvia greggii. Use up close or in a large decorative container to show off the rich green leaves and the very colorful, cool-looking teeth that produce interesting bud imprints.

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