Agave cerulata ssp. dentiens – 3-inch pot


These attractive plants with powdery blue-gray leaves lacking teeth or with very small teeth are growing in 3-inch pots.

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Agave cerulata subspecies dentiens is so named because of the very small teeth along the leaf margins as seen on the majority of plants in habitat, although some lack teeth completely. These gorgeous plants have blue gray leaves and slowly offset to form large clusters of rosettes. Agave cerulata subspecies dentiens is thought to occur only on Isla San Esteban in the Gulf of California, but these plants are grown from seed gathered on Isla Angel de la Guarda and many have very small teeth or lack teeth completely. The main difference is the slightly wider side branches to the inflorescence seen on subspecies dentiens. Admittedly the plants I have seen with old inflorescences on Isla Angel de la Guarda had slightly shorter side branches resulting in a narrower inflorescence that would be aligned more with regular Agave cerulata However, the teeth are very small to non-existent on these plants.


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