Agave colorata

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Agave colorata is generally offsetting, this gorgeous plant has frosted blue leaves with very large,  ornamental teeth along the edge and a sharp terminal spine. Native to low elevation near the coast in Sonora and Sinaloa in Mexico.

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Agave colorata is a tough, sun-loving species that can be used in a cactus and succulent garden or even mixed in with seasonal plants such as wildflowers, low growing perennials or small shrubs. The frosty blue leaves look great in a spring wildflower garden packed with the pink flowered Penstemon parryi. The rosettes would also look great mixed with the small shrubs Salvia greggii and Scutellaria suffrutescens, the perennials Stachys coccinea or Zauschneria californica, or even bulbs such as Cooperia pedunculata, Habranthus brachyandrus, Habranthus robustus, or Zephyranthus grandiflora. The best forms are those with short, wide, powdery blue leaves with darker cross-banding.

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  1. Lance Bowen (verified owner)

    OUTRAGEOUS–should be called Agave boudatious. It would be helpful if I knew the mature size and about it’s inflorescence. I LOVE this Agave. Is the hybrid so new you don’t know what it will do? And thanks, Greg for those Agave ovatifolia, the veritable lotus of Agaves. They are going into three gardens in Joshua Tree.

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