Agave inaequidens


Agave inaequidens is a large species with smooth, light green leaves and dark chocolate brown teeth. Agave inaequidens is a large species when grown in a frost free climate, and will grow to the size of a container when grown as a potted plant.

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On a trip to Jalisco, Mexico I was intent on discerning the difference between Agave inaequidens and Agave maximiliana. I finally determined that the two are not easily distinguished when young but older plants are a little easier to identify. I now believe that I have plants of both species and have been able to separate them. Agave inaequidens tend to have lighter green or yellow-green leaves and are larger plants when mature. Agave inaequidens is in the same group as Agave bovicornuta but can get larger, reaching 3-5 feet across.

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