Agave kavandivi


Agave kavandivi is a newly described species from western Oaxaca and grows to about 12 inches tall and 12 inches in diameter. Plants should be protected in areas where winter temperatures drop below 30 degrees F overnight. Although plants do not seem to be fussy about soil as long as the drainage is good, I add some gypsum to provide calcium and keep the pH closer to neutral.

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Agave kavandivi is a newly described species from western Oaxaca, and is related to A. striata, A. rzedowskiana, A. petrophila and similar plants. The rosettes are nearly completely spherical and make very attractive specimens either in the ground in frost-free areas, or in decorative containers in areas that experience winter temperatures below 30 degrees F. Give the plants a bit of shade in the summer. The small size of the rosette lends itself to container growing, so stage one in a decorative pot, enter it in a cactus and succulent show and watch the blue ribbons come pouring in. In habitat, these are very beautiful plants growing in a harsh environment.

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Check my blog post about Agave kavandivi for more information and more pictures.

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