Agave ‘Mountain Curls’ (Agave montana x Agave pablo-carilloi?) – 6-inch


These interesting looking plants, grown from seed produced on an open pollinated Agave montana at the Ruth Bancroft Garden, are thriving in 6-inch pots. The most likely pollen parent appears to be Agave pablo-carilloi (a segregate from Agave gypsophila). I have named this hybrid Agave ‘Mountain Curls’.

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Brian Kemble of the Ruth Bancroft Garden, gave me seed he collected off the Agave montana growing there that must have been cross pollinated by another Agave species in bloom at the same time as these are definitely hybrids. He sent me a list of the other agaves that bloomed the same year, and the likely candidates appear to be Agave pablo-carilloi, Agave mitis, or an Agave potatorum hybrid x Agave colorata. Although these are still young, they are showing a slight curve and waviness to the leaf which leads me to believe that Agave pablo-carilloi (a segregate species from Agave gypsophila) is the likely pollen donor.

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