Agave multifilifera


A solitary species with numerous, thin, dark green leaves, each hand painted with white stripes and decorated with fine, white threads along the edges and a short terminal spine. From the mountains of Sonora and Chihuahua in northwestern Mexico.

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For the densest, most attractive form, grow Agave multifilifera in as much sun as possible and keep the supplemental water to a minimum. The slower it is grown, the tighter and more attractive the rosette will be. Even though it is not an exceptionally large species, Agave multifilifera can still be used as a focal point in a cactus and succulent garden or mass planted and mixed with low growing shrubs and seasonal flowering perennials to create an ever changing landscape. In the low and mid-elevation southwestern U.S. zones, try combining with Calliandra eriophylla, Chrysactinia mexicana, Dalea frutescens, Ericameria laricifolia, Justicia californica, Penstemon species, Poliomintha maderensis, Salvia greggii and Verbena gooddingii. The dense rosette of narrow leaves, with their numerous marginal fibers, creates a striking specimen plant either in a large pot or in the ground.

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