Agave parryi – Mt. Lemmon


Agave parryi – Mt. Lemmon is found in the large mountain range to the north of Tucson, and fits more closely with var. huachucensis than with any of the other varieties. For additional pictures of Agave parryi that are not from Mt. Lemmon, check out

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Agave parryi РMt. Lemmon form comes from just north of Tucson, and is a beautiful looking plant that tends to look more like the one separated out as A. parryi var. huachucensis. These plants are dense, with the leaves broadly linear-ovate, that is, they are wide from the base to above the middle, and then the taper to a narrowly acute, broadly acute or obtuse tip. The plants are cold hardy to at least the mid-teens F, and should be able to tolerate winter lows to single digits F. They have a slow growth rate and can tolerate full full sun when they have some size to them.

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