Agave polianthiflora x Agave nizandensis – 3-inch pots


I made this cross several years ago and have plants in 3-inch pots available for sale.

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Several years ago I lucked into having both Agave polianthiflora and Agave nizandensis in bloom at the same time. I cross pollinated the two and got seed set on the Agave polianthiflora. I gave one to a friend in San Diego area and he had the plant flower in 2016. Meanwhile, Tim Harvey had cloned some plants for me and I now have them in 3-inch pots. I am not sure if they will have the same flowers as the ones pictured because they are different clones, but they should have some red in them (from the Agave polianthiflora) and have the short side branches (from the Agave nizandensis).


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