Agave sobria “pseudogigantensis” form


Agave sobria “pseudogigantensis” form is a medium size plant growing to about 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide with powdery blue gray leaves. Visit to see the original description by William Trelease and a listing of synonyms as well as Gentry’s text in the Agaves of Continental North America. The site, has some additional photos.

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Agave sobria “pseudogigantensis” form is the form that has been mistaken for a gray leaved Agave gigantensis by many botanists and growers alike. These plants tend to have broader and stiffer leaves than the typical Agave sobria which has lead to some confusion in its identity. However, once the true Agave gigantensis is seen, there should really not be any mistaking the two. Plants are grown from seed collected on the road to San Javier in the Sierra Giganta of Baja California Sur.

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