Agave temacapulinensis


Agave temacapulinensis is a medium sized species with powdery blue to blue-gray leaves, and grows naturally in the state of Jalisco. For additional habitat photos and the original description go to

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Agave temacapulinensis was described in 2012 by José A. Vázquez-García, Miguel J. Cházaro-Basáñez, Miguel A. Muñiz-Castro and Gregorio Nieves-Hernández from the Bajío de Temacapulín in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The original description can be found at Plants are described as being 2.5-4 feet tall and up to 5 feet across. When Brian Kemble and I were there in 2013, we saw one or two plants that were approaching the largest size, but for the most part they were about 2-2.5 feet tall by 2.5-3 feet across. Brilliant blue-gray leaves are ovate to lanceolate, with crenate margins and large teeth. These are related to Agave wocomahi and A. durangensis and should be relatively cold hardy in the  southwestern U.S. desert region.

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