Agave valenciana – 6-inch


These Agave valenciana are growing in 6-inch pots. For additional pictures, check out, and to see the original description and more habitat shots go to

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Agave valenciana was described in 2006 by Miguel J. Cházaro-Basáñez, José A. Vázquez-García and Yalma L. Vargas R. from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. This gigantic plant can grow to 5-7 feet tall and 10-12 feet across. Dark green leaves are quite large, reaching 5-7 feet long by 1-2 feet wide. The 20-25 foot tall flower stalk  has 2-3 inch long, bright yellow flowers in the late spring. I have not tested this for winter hardiness yet, but suspect that they will need some protection when winter lows dip below 30 degrees F. Plants have a moderately slow growth rate in the desert and could be grown in a large, decorative container for a number of years as long as it is grown in some shade and gets covered in the winter.


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