xMangave ‘Bloodspot’


xMangave ‘Bloodspot’ is a hybrid between Agave macroacantha and an unspecified Manfreda with numerous, purplish spots. The narrow leaves are thin like the Manfreda yet stiff like the Agave macroacantha. There is a small terminal spine and very small teeth along the leaf edges. Mature plants are too small to be utilized effectively in a landscape, but they do look great when grown in a decorative container.

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xMangave ‘Bloodspot’ gets 50 percent of its genes from Agave macroacantha, while the other 50 percent are from an unnamed Manfreda that must have been heavily spotted. I have been told that this little gem has achieved a full grown size of 10-12 inches in diameter before flowering, and that it will offset after flowering, but I don’t have personal experience with that.

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