Cool Plants for Hot Gardens – Revised Edition

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The revised/revamped version of Cool Plants for Hot Gardens is finally available!!!



In this revamped edition of Cool Plants for Hot Gardens, award winning horticulturist, Greg Starr has revised several aspects of the book starting with the layout. He wanted each species to have a two page spread so there could be two pictures with each being larger. To accomplish that, all the cactus and succulents were removed in anticipation of producing a companion book tentatively called Cool Cactus and Succulents for Hot Gardens. Then the species list was revised, dropping some old tired ones and adding new exciting ones. A few will be hard to find, but seeking out those little known plants makes plant shopping more fun and challenging. Order your signed copy today!

1 review for Cool Plants for Hot Gardens – Revised Edition

  1. Paul Johnson

    5 Stars! If you liked Greg’s original version of “Cool Plants,” you will love this revised edition. My most-used reference for low desert gardening. Great photos and species write-ups with all relevant information for the low desert gardener. Useful index divided into two categories: scientific names and common names. Helpful glossary and reference list, and a “Plant Database” which is organized according to particular gardening applications, i.e. ground cover, vines, medium shrubs, small trees etc. And of course, what sets this book and the original “Cool Plants” apart from the rest…Greg Starr’s unique field notes about where he has discovered each of these species in habitat, from Oaxaca to the deserts of Sonora and the mountains of far southern Arizona, always interesting and often insightful. [The “rating” protocol with the 5 stars was very wonky when I tried it….it seems to overlay the text of my review, and it did not seem to reflect my chosen rating: Five Stars!]

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