Albuca aff. spiralis, South African bulb


This cute little bulb has leaves coiled into a spiral giving rise to the species name. Plants are dormant in the summer and spring to life in the fall as the weather cools. Keep the bulbs dry in the summer and start watering as the leaves emerge. Protect the plants from extreme winter frost.

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Albuca aff. spiralis is an interesting bulb, or geophyte, with spirally twisted leaves that resemble a corkscrew. When considered as a monophyletic group, there are about 60 species in the genus with a distribution ranging from the western Cape region of South Africa north to the Arabian peninsula. Found in the western Cape, Albuca spiralis is one of a small group that have an unusual flower structure. The three sepals and three petals are so similar that they are called tepals, and the three inner tepals have a hinged fleshy flap near the apex that appears to close off the stigma. These plants have that hinged flap and corkscrew leaves that are characteristic of the group to which Albuca spiralis belongs. Whether or not it is the true species, it is a cute little plant with very interesting leaves. Click here to go to the Albuca page on website of the Pacific Bulb Society.

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