Astrophytum capricorne


The tangle of long, thin curly spines gives the appearance of a bird’s nest, but when the huge yellow flowers with the red throat appear, you have to marvel at their beauty.

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Astrophytum capricorne can be quite variable which has led to several varieties and forms being named. Mature plants tend to be globular to short columnar with narrow ribs and, frequently, long, flexible, curly spines giving rise to the name goats’ horns. The spines vary immensely in length, color, density, and amount of curliness.

The following varieties are frequently seen in cultivation, collect them all!:

variety senile – has sparse white flecking, dense clusters of long, thin, black, and super curly spines.

variety senile forma aurea (or simply variety aureum)- with clusters of long, thin, yellow, curly spines.

variety niveum – with dense white flecking and sparse clusters of thick, stout, black, curved spines.

variety crassispinum – nearly devoid of flecking, strong, curved spines.

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