Ferocactus chrysacanthus – Red Spine Form – 3-inch pots


These Ferocactus chrysacanthus plants are the rare red spine form and are available in 3-inch pots. Add one to your Ferocactus collection! There are two pictures in the gallery showing the range of red color on mature plants.

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When Britton and Rose described Ferocactus chrysacanthus in 1922, from Cedros Island, they indicated the spines were yellow or sometimes reddish. While plants with both yellow spines and red spines can be found on the island, the percentage of plants with yellow spines appears to be higher on the northern end of the island while there are closer to equal numbers of plants with yellow and red spines on the southern end. Regardless, I grew plants from seed collected off of plants with yellow spines and had some with beautiful red spines appear and those are the ones offered here.

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