Stenocactus multicostatus


Stenocactus multicostatus has numerous (normally around 100, but who’s counting), thin ribs and flowers that are white or pink to pink-purple with a darker purple midstripe. This form is the one frequently referred to as Stenocactus erectocentrus.

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Theoretically Stenocactus multicostatus (these used to be in the genus Echinofossulocactus) is easily recognized by its multiplicity of thin, wavy ribs, frequently having twice as many as its nearest competitor. The latest taxonomy has at least three other widely known species names lumped in as synonyms under S. multicostatus, including S. erectocentrus, S. lloydii, and S. zacatecasensis. Personally, we would follow the path that gives us more species names just so we can have a bigger collection. This form that is currently offered has been referred to as Stenocactus erectocentrus and has the broader, upright central spine that was the inspiration for the name.

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