Stenocactus species #3


This particular plant is growing in a 3-inch container. See the note below for more information concerning the names of Stenocactus.

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We have been struggling with proper naming of our plants, first relying on Pilbeam and Weightman, but soon realized they were “lumpers” and left out a lot of names even in synonymy. We finally resorted to Britton and Rose from 1922 because they included a key and treated many species. By their account, this one would fall under Echinofossulocactus dichroacanthus which is considered by some to be the same as Stenocactus crispatus or by others to be Stenocactus dichroacanthus. Regardless of the name, this is a cool plant with about 35 thin, wavy ribs, 3 prominent upper spines, and 4 thin lower spines.


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