Thelocactus hexaedrophorus


An attractive blue gray or gray green body, sometimes with interesting patterns in red or reddish orange, with large, rounded tubercles, red and white spines and large white or pink flowers.

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This is a single stemmed plant, in nature the blue gray to gray green body, sometimes patterned with red, is depressed to rounded, about 3-4 inches tall by 6 inches across. The tubercles are large and rounded, the multicolored spines are red and white, and the large white flowers appear repeatedly throughout the summer. It is a very tough Chihuahuan Desert plant that does well either in the ground or in a pot in the southwestern U.S., and is a great potted plant in other parts of the country. Some cactus taxonomists list Thelocactus hexaedrophorus subsp. lloydii based on delta-shaped tubercles versus rounded ones and magenta flowers versus the normally white flowers.

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