Echeveria cante


Echeveria cante has powdery blue leaves with a hint of pinkish red along the margins.

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Echeveria cante is  a beautiful succulent with leaves and orange-yellow flowers. Plants are found at higher elevations in the Sierra Chapultepec in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas. The plants can get large, for an Echeveria, topping out at about 1 foot in diameter, but usually seen smaller than that. The powdery blue leaves can get a hint of red along the margins while the whole rosette can become tinged with lavender in certain growing conditions. This species is cold hardy, tolerating temperatures to at least the  the low 20’s F. The amount of sun the plants can tolerate varies with the location they are being grown. In the cooler parts along the California coast, plants are able to be grown in full sun, while those in the interior desert, where summer temperatures can hit triple digits F, definitely need shade all day long.

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