Yucca cernua


Yucca cernua is an acaulescent (non-trunk forming) species with glaucous leaves when young, becoming yellowish green to olive green with age. Check out agavaceae.com for the original description and a few habitat shots of the plant.

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Yucca cernua was described by Eric Keith in 2003 from Jasper and Newton counties in eastern Texas. This species is in the Rupicolae along with other trunkless species such as Yucca pallidaYucca reverchonii and Yucca rupicola and those with trunks such as Yucca rostarta and Yucca thompsoniana. The Latin word cernu meaning nodding or drooping was used to describe the distinctive nature of the inflorescence branches recurving and drooping as the get longer. This species does not develop a trunk, but will spread by rhizomes and form large clumps.

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