Astrophytum coahuilense


Plants grown from seed originally from Cerro Bola in Coahuila. Dense white flecking, large, showy, yellow flowers with red at the base of the tepals make this a must have for any Astrophytum collection.

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Long considered a form or variety of Astrophytum myriostigma by many botanists, this is now recognized as a distinct species, and with good reason. The flowers are larger and tend to have red at the base of the tepals and the fruits open at the bottom compared to A. myriostigma which has smaller, pure yellow flowers and fruit that splits open in a star shape at the top. The distribution is widely separated also, this one being from Coahuila while A. myriostigma is found in Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi and Nuevo Leon. This is probably the least commonly cultivated species due to its similarity to A. myriostigma, but certainly well worth adding to you collection.

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