Agave titanota


These Agave titanota are descendants of plants originally collected by Howard Scott Gentry in 1967 from the type locality of Rancho Tambor. Gentry brought plants back to the United States and planted them at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona. From those, offsets were distributed to other botanical gardens with one of them being the Ruth Bancroft Garden in Walnut Creek, California. Plants from there were made available and one of those eventually flowered, producing bulbils, of which I received 9, and  have 1 ready to sell. This is a rare opportunity to get a true Agave titanota from the type locality.

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Agave titanota was described in 1982 by Agave guru Dr. Howard Scott Gentry from the limestone at Rancho Tambor in Oaxaca. Rancho Tambor is not a ranch at all, simply a watering spot for goats as they are herded along through the semi-arid vegetation. Tambor is Spanish for drum and refers to the drum-shaped mountain. If you like blue-leaved agaves, then this is one for you.


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